The routes the distances, the ways of the historical center, scents and colors of go them. The guide of Cisternino: information generate them, the religious manifestations and the fairs. Where to eat, where to lodge and like passing your vacations in trulli and masserie. For the cicloamatori: “The roads of the Cazzariccio in the murgia of trulli” and the mystical route between the trulli of Cisternino.

botanical conservatory of goes them of itria


Italian net City Knows some

The events and the recurrences. The manifestationsBeen born them to Cisternino, the places, the dates [>]. The competition. Peace and nature: it visits the botanical conservatory and the ashram in it goes them of itria.

The companies of Go them, the typical products under the brand “Go them of Itria”. The handicraft: from the wrought iron to the elements for masserie and trulli, “chianche” the “batteries” the manufatti ones. The traditional sapori and the prescriptions. I interlace between the screw and the man in Goes them of Itria, the cicloitinerario to hunting of the asparago pungente.

It visits Goes it them of Itria with the Railroads of the South-east. The aqueduct Pugliese will be able to become one green road? The useful numbers of Cisternino, the map, the services via Internet, your post office them on-linens, the way more express in order to know the telephone numbers, the autocertificazioni.







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